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Oldbury horizon as it is now

The beautiful River Severn

This is the beautiful River Severn viewed from just across the river from the village of Shepperdine as it is now and as we all want it to stay.

Horizon Nuclear Power want to destroy it with a massive new nuclear power station 4 times the capacity of the old power station you see above. The new site will have to have 3 or 4 massive cooling towers, each tower taller than and as wide as the existing power station. These are in addtion to the 2 or 3 reactor buildings they will need and a highly toxic waste store. All of this in a high level risk flood zone too!

Oldbury horizon as it would be

Defiled? We say NO THANK YOU!

The Government seems to think this site is suitable for this monstrous proposal, yet local councils and politicians agree with us... the site is simply unsuitable... please help us tell the Government this is just plain wrong!

A community group of residents

We are a group of local residents living close to the site known as Oldbury nominated by the Government for a new massive nuclear power station. This site is in fact within the village of Shepperdine some 2.5km to the north of Oldbury-on-Severn. We continue to grow in numbers and include residents from the village of Shepperdine itself, Oldbury, Rockhampton, Nupdown, Falfield and the nearby town of Thornbury.

Our mission

Our mission is to campaign against and oppose the development of nuclear power at Shepperdine and surrounding areas. Our main concerns are safety and the damage that will be done to a sensitive area of outstanding natural beauty and internationally recognised biodiversity.

How you can help us

Please help us to fight this monstrous proposal by:

  1. Supporting our group. To register your support please email us at
  2. Writing to your local MP telling them about your concerns and asking them to make sure they do all they can to persuade the Government that this site is simply not suitable.
  3. Writing to your local council telling them about your concerns and asking them to object to Horizon's plans for this development.

Contact us:

If you have any questions about our campaign or would like to help us in any way please get in touch:


Phone: 07796 447880