Should we have new nuclear at Shepperdine?

New nuclear will destroy the banks of the river Severn – The banks of the Severn will be turned into a massive building site for the next ten years, with lorries, noise and dust affecting the whole area.

Nuclear power produces highly toxic waste

This country still does not have any satisfactory method of disposal, the plans to build a deep geological disposal facility (essentially burying it!) are a long way off reality and certainly many decades away, this facility will cost billions. The waste produced by the new generation of reactors will be even more toxic than that produced by the old power station and will have to be stored on site until a satisfactory method of disposal is found. As a result the plan is to assume this will be stored locally on the power station sites for 150 years plus.

Nuclear power is not safe

There is considerable recent medical evidence to support increased health risks associated with nuclear power stations, including and especially childhood cancers in populations living near nuclear power stations. Most significantly, in 2008 the ‘KiKK’ German Government study found more than double childhood leukaemias near every nuclear power station. The German Government has abandonned building any new nuclear power stations as a result of this study. All current UK research including the various Government COMARE report have effectively been superceeded by the more comprehensive German study. Indeed COMARE have been requested by the Department of Health to undertake a full review of their recent reports on this issue in the light of the German KiKK study. This review is still in progress and until this has been completed and their report is made available for scrutiny, no one is in a position to confirm that nuclear power is safe. Indeed the most recent evidence suggests quite the opposite.

Nuclear power stations are terrorist targets

The consequences of a terrorism attack on a nuclear power station are potentially huge. No matter how well you police the stations it is not possible to protect the station from whatever a future terrorist might try. It is not worth the risk.

Nuclear power will be too late to keep the lights on

Giant construction projects like this always run late. So this power station is unlikely to be generating electricity before 2025, much too late to stop the lights going out. Resources being used to build this power station should be used to build tidal, wind and wave projects that could be completed much sooner.

Can we trust the regulators to ensure these electricity companies build and run these stations safely?

Again the consequences of failing to do this properly are huge. Can we trust the regulators to regulate these companies? If we can’t even regulate the banking industry what chance have we got of regulating the nuclear industry? The consequences of a failing are potentially far worse than a credit crunch!

Nuclear Power Stations run by large electricity giants will leave this country vulnerable

Electricity giants in Germany, including E.ON and Rwe Npower, have recently held Germany to ransom by threatening to turn off the electricity supplies if the Chancellor did not give way to their demands to permit them to extend the life of their existing nuclear power stations! Can we really allow these giants to control the UK Government in this way?